UKIP leader Henry Bolton in relationship with 25-year-old model

From BBC - January 4, 2018

UKIP leader Henry Bolton has started a relationship with a 25-year-old model after splitting up with his wife.

Mr Bolton, 54, confirmed his relationship with Jo Marney in a letter to UKIP supporters on Wednesday.

Ms Marney describes herself in her Twitter profile as a "presenter, music journalist, model, actor, Brexiteer".

He warned supporters to expect media coverage of a "change in my relationship status" but denied a "clandestine affair".

Sources close to Mr Bolton insisted the relationship did not begin until after his split from his 42-year-old wife Tatiana Smurova-Bolton.

In a letter to supporters he said he expected his new relationship to be made public in The Sun newspaper.

A photo of him with Ms Marney was also published on the front page of the Daily Mail.

Mr Bolton said the story would "confirm that in recent weeks I have had a change in my relationship status" but "might also suggest (inaccurately) that this change has involved a clandestine affair with a young lady who happens also to be a member of UKIP".

He said he had not "hidden" his new relationship and had made clear on social media that he had recently been spending time "with somebody who has become increasingly important to me".


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