Pennsylvania man 'mistakenly arrested and injected with drugs'

From BBC - January 4, 2018

A man who was arrested and allegedly injected with drugs used to treat anxiety disorders in a case of mistaken identity has launched a lawsuit.

Eugene Wright, 63, from Meadville, Pennsylvania, is suing the local council and hospital for false imprisonment amongst other claims.

A man with the same name had allegedly been making threats at a doctors' office on the day of the incident.

Meadville city manager Andy Walker declined to comment on the case.

He told the BBC he was aware of a letter in November about a possible lawsuit but that no formal notification had yet been received.

Police apology

Mr Wright, who says he repeatedly stated that he was not the man the officers were looking for, is suing for false imprisonment, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault, battery, civil rights violation and invasion of privacy.


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