US imposes more sanctions on Venezuelans

From BBC - January 5, 2018

The US has imposed sanctions on four serving or retired Venezuelan generals for rights abuses or corruption.

The list includes Rodolfo Marco Torres, whom the US Treasury sanctioned for food smuggling when he was in charge of the country's distribution network.

All the men have had their assets frozen and US businesses are forbidden from working with them.

Forty-four Venezuelan officials have been sanctioned to date including President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuela has angrily dismissed the move with its Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, saying the country would never submit to what he called the imperialist and war-mongering forces of the US government.

He said the army "will never bow to any foreign power, much less to the imperialist and warlike forces of Donald Trump's supremacist government. We demand respect".

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin justified the sanctions by saying that "President Maduro and his inner circle continue to put their own interests above those of the Venezuelan people".

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