Egypt's ex-PM backs out of Sisi challenge

From BBC - January 7, 2018

Former Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq has withdrawn from the running for the country's presidency, saying he is the wrong person for the job.

Mr Shafiq announced his candidacy in November in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where he fled after losing the 2012 election to Mohammed Morsi.

Within days he was detained by the UAE, which supports his rival, the incumbent President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Mr Shafiq was widely seen as the most serious challenger to Mr Sisi.

He was deported by the UAE following his arrest and his family reported being unable to contact him after his arrival in Egypt.

Hours later, he gave an interview on Egyptian television in which he denied speculation he'd been kidnapped and said he was reconsidering his decision to run against Mr Sisi.

His family raised concerns of foul play, and alleged he was being held against his will at a Cairo hotel.

On Sunday, Mr Shafiq confirmed in a post on Twitter that he would not run, saying he felt he was not the ideal person to lead the country.


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