Deniz Naki: Shots fired at Kurdish footballer's car in Germany

From BBC - January 8, 2018

A German-Kurdish footballer and well-known critic of the Turkish government has survived a suspected murder attempt while driving in western Germany.

At least two bullets fired from a passing car hit Deniz Naki's car on a motorway near Dren on Sunday night, German media say. He was not injured.

"I immediately ducked and then rolled right to the hard shoulder," he told Die Welt newspaper.

Naki plays for Amed SK in Turkey and previously played for German clubs.

Last April a Turkish judge gave Naki a suspended jail sentence of 18 months for "spreading terrorist propaganda for the PKK", the separatist Kurdistan Workers' Party.

In 2016 the Turkish Football Federation gave him a 12-match ban for "ideological propaganda" linked to the Kurdish conflict.

But there is no evidence that the shooting was directly linked to the Turkish state, and Turkey has not commented on it.

In an interview with Die Welt, Naki said two shots had been fired from a large black car. "One bullet struck a window, in the middle of my car, the other one hit near a tyre." Die Welt shows photos of the two bullet holes.

Police are investigating and treating the case as a murder attempt.


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