Thai PM leaves cardboard cutout to answer questions

From BBC - January 8, 2018

Thailand's prime minister has taken a novel approach to avoiding questions at a news conference, by leaving a cardboard cutout to do the job.

Prayuth Chan-ocha briefly spoke to an audience outside Government House in Bangkok, before the life-sized replica was brought out.

"If you want to ask any questions on politics or conflict, ask this guy," Mr Prayuth said, then walked away waving.

Mr Prayuth led a military coup in 2014 and was named PM later that year.

The government has promised to hold nationwide elections, but they have been repeatedly been pushed back.

In April the country voted in a referendum on a new constitution and a changed electoral system, which observers say is likely to lead to a more splintered parliament.

Shaking hands with cardboard

The prime minister was speaking to Thai families and reporters on Monday ahead of Children's Day on Saturday.


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