Pollution hotspots revealed: Check your area

From BBC - January 9, 2018

Marylebone Road and Hyde Park Corner, both in central London, have the most polluted postcodes in Britain, says a new study on air quality.

The data comes from a project to map concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) across the country.

However, the results also show that large parts of Britain have relatively clean air.

Diesel vehicles are a key source of NO2 gas, which has been linked to respiratory disease.

You can see what air quality is like in your area by entering your postcode in the search below. The data represents an average for 2016 and does not include Northern Ireland.

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Although dirty air does not kill people directly, it's estimated to contribute to shortening the lives of 40,000 people a year in the UK. Pollution is thought to undermine the health of people with heart or lung problems.

A new analysis by the company EarthSense shows NO2 concentrations in 100x100m squares across the UK. The company's technical director, Prof Roland Leigh, says it is the most detailed model yet for assessing air quality in Britain.

"By focussing it down we can really isolate the hotspots of poor air quality, and better target our solutions."

Prof Leigh says it's important to be aware of bad pollution levels where you live, or near schools or your route to work, but that no areas in Britain are bad enough that people should avoid exercising outside.

"Air quality is actually getting better in Britain, and we are in a better state than a large number of countries - particularly across Asia.


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