Controversial author of Trump book expresses regret over Bannon's 'difficult situation'

From CBC - January 10, 2018

Author Michael Wolff has expressed some regret that his controversial book aboutU.S. President Donald Trump had led to a "difficult situation" forthe president'sformer White House chief strategist, Steve Bannon.

"Steve is a grand strategist. So he may very well have a plan. I hope he has a plan," said Wolff,the author ofFire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, in an interview with CBCNews.

On Wednesday,Wolff spoke to CBC's The National co-host Rosemary Barton andThe Current's Anna MariaTremonti

"I feel bad. I feel guilty that Steve appears to be in a difficult situation," he said.

On Tuesday, Bannon was forced to step down as chairman of BreitbartNews Network, less than a week afterBannon'sexplosive criticisms of Trump and his family were published in Wolff's book.

"I think this did not play out as he had hoped," Wolff said.

'Lost his mind'

Following the publication of the book, the president hit out athis former chief strategist on Twitter, referring to him as "Sloppy Steve," an apparent reference to Bannon's often unkempt appearance. And Trumpdeclared that "he lost his mind" when he was pushed out of the White House last August.

Wolff said he believed Bannon was confident thatRepublicanSenatecandidate Roy Moore, before he was accused of sexual misconduct with minors,would win the Senate special election in Alabama. Moore lost.

Wolff said Bannonthought that win, along with the publication of the book, would have putBannonin a stronger positionand give him theleverage to break with Trump.

"I think that he had come to regard Donald Trump as an idiot," Wolff said.

The book quotes a number of White House sources who view Trump asmentally unfit to be president and"semi-illiterate," and say he may be dyslexic.

'Does not read anything'

"He does not read anything. I mean, that's the thing, everybody goes around saying he does not read anything," Wolff said. "Someone will say, well he reads a headline and then somebody else will say, he only reads a headline if it's about him."

White House aides also described Trump's behaviour as similar to that of ademanding child, Wolff said.

"Everybody among the senior staff has at one time or another referred to him as a child, sometimes as an 11-year-old. Sometimes, he's a six-year-old, sometimes he's a two-year-old. But all to the point that heneeds immediate gratification."

'Make a set of tradeoffs'


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