In rut, Russian communists register surprise candidate to challenge Putin

From Reuters - January 12, 2018

MOSCOW (Reuters) - The Russian Communist Party moved to overhaul its geriatric image on Friday, registering a wealthy 57-year-old farm boss to challenge incumbent Vladimir Putin for the presidency in agamble it hopes will revive its electoral fortunes.

Russias central election commission on Friday said it had registered Pavel Grudinin, who runs a farm business on the edge of Moscow, as the partys candidate for the March 18 election after the communists unexpectedly decided against putting up their veteran 73-year-old leader Gennady Zyuganov.

Backed by state TV, the ruling United Russia party, and many voters who live outside big cities, polls show 65-year-old Putin, who has dominated Russian politics for the last 18 years, is on track to comfortably win a fourth presidential term.

Grudinin, a fresh face in an otherwise stale political line-up that has hardly changed in the last two decades, could indirectly help Putin by boosting turnout amid signs of apathy among some voters who assume Putin will win however they vote.

Though a shadow of itself in the Soviet era when it enjoyed a monopoly on power, the Communist Party is also hoping a younger less orthodox contender may be able to revive its fortunes and appeal to younger voters.

The party has seen its share of the vote in post-Soviet presidential elections more than halve from a high of almost 41 percent or around 30 million votes in 1996. In the last election, in 2012, it won just over 12 million votes.

Yet it remains popular with millions of Russians, particularly older people who live in rural communities, retains a nationwide network, and regularly comes second to the ruling party in elections.


Grudinin is not a typical communist candidate.


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