Regina emergency rooms see an increase of fall-related injuries

Regina emergency rooms see an increase of fall-related injuries
From Global News - January 12, 2018

Since Tuesdays freezing rain turned Reginas roads and sidewalks into skating rinks, at least 149 people have landed in emergency rooms, mostly due to fall-related injuries.

Ive never seen it like this, Surgical Care Service executive director Sandy Euteneier said. We can kind of anticipate when we have a little bit of ice to have an increase, but not to the extent weve seen this year.

Over the past few days, 25 elective orthopedic surgeries were postponed to make room for dozens of emergency orthopedic surgery patients.

This caused more operating room staff to be called in, with an extra team providing orthopedic surgeries.

We have rules of what meets the guidelines to call in extra staff, and we actually threw those out the window so we could get the patients their care, Euteneier said.

Regina resident Enola Severight has been couch-bound since the ice started, after injuring her knee slipping on ice.

I cant cook meals, I cant do my dishes like I normally do every morning, its just embarrassing, she said. Its terrible you cant go outside without falling.

Although the number of admitted patients waiting for beds in both the Pasqua Hospital and Regina General Hospital is still quite high, the total number of patients has mostly stabilized.


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