Rohingya insurgents say 10 found in Myanmar grave were 'innocent civilians'

Rohingya insurgents say 10 found in Myanmar grave were 'innocent civilians'
From CBC - January 13, 2018

Rohingya Muslim insurgents saidSaturday that 10Rohingya found in a mass grave in Myanmar'stroubled Rakhine state last month were "innocent civilians,"andnot members of their group.

Myanmar's military said earlier this weekits soldiers hadkilled 10 captured Muslim "terrorists" during insurgent attacksat the beginning of September, after Buddhist villagers hadforced the captured men into a grave the villagers had dug.

It was a rare acknowledgment of wrongdoing by the military in Myanmar, also known as Burma, during its operations in the western state of Rakhine.

The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), whose raidsagainst security posts starting last August sparked sweepingmilitary operations in the Muslim-majority northern part ofRakhine, said it "wholeheartedly welcomes the admission" of"war crimes" by the "Burmese terrorist army."

"We hereby declare that these 10innocent Rohingyacivilians found in the said mass grave in Inn Din Village Tractwere neither ARSA nor had any association with ARSA", the groupsaid in a statement on Twitter.

A Myanmar government spokespersonsaid in response to ARSA'sstatement that sometimes "terrorists and villagers were allied"in attacks" against security forces.

"We have already said it is very difficult to segregate whois a terrorist and who are innocent villagers," spokesman ZawHtay said.

"There will be an ongoing investigating processwhether they are members of ARSA or not."

'A new step for our country'


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