Congo launches offensive against Ugandan rebels in its east

From Reuters - January 13, 2018

GOMA, Congo (Reuters) - Congolese troops began a military offensive in the eastern city of Beni on Saturday against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a Ugandan rebel armed group blamed for an attack that killed 15 United Nations peacekeepers last month.

The operation is part of a joint effort by Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda against the group after the suspected ADF attack on a base manned by Tanzanian peacekeeping troops.

That attack, which also killed five Congolese soldiers and wounded another 53 peacekeepers, came amid a rising wave of violence in the mineral-rich, ethnically volatile area.

Since this morning, we have launched a general offensive against the ADF phenomena, General Marcel Mbangu, commander in charge of Congos North Kivu province, told a new conference.

This is, for us, the final offensive. We will fight them until the end, until we have secured our territory, he added.


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