Fight Labour online, Tory chairman Brandon Lewis says

From BBC - January 14, 2018

The Conservatives need to take the fight to Labour on social media, the party's new chairman has said.

Brandon Lewis said the Tories intended to use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram more to "talk" to voters.

Mr Lewis told the Sunday Telegraph a "toolkit" of graphics and videos would be given to young supporters to help expand the party's visibility online.

Labour's ability to appeal to young voters online was a key part of its 2017 general election campaign.

Mr Lewis, who took over as party chairman in last week's government reshuffle, acknowledged the Conservatives needed to motivate supporters to promote them on social media.

The Great Yarmouth MP said: "What I want to see out there is more and more of our activists and people who support some of the principles we are outlining, whether it's a particular policy or a whole package of government reforms, getting out there in the digital world saying so and spreading that message with us."

He added the party needed to be "very positive and proactive about outlining what we are doing in government... so we can enthuse them about being Conservative and... not just vote for us but get involved".


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