Liberal MP says abortion clause in summer jobs program 'not right'

Liberal MP says abortion clause in summer jobs program 'not right'
From CBC - January 22, 2018

Newfoundland MP Scott Simms says he is petitioning his own government to reverse a clause in a student summer jobs program that requiresgroups applying for grants to attest to abortion rights.

The Liberal MP saidits unfair that churches and Christian groups are being asked to violate their fundamental beliefs in order to receive funding for jobs and programs that are non-political, orunrelated to reproductive rights.

He's planning to write Patty Hajdu, the federal employment minister, to petition fora change.

"The application is asking them to do something that they should not be asked to do for the sake of a summer job for kids," Simms told CBCRadio'sCentral Morning Show on Monday.

Simmssaidhe hoped the clause in the application could be written to be more specific, to only limit funding for jobs or programs that are actively involved in campaigning for changes to Canadian law.

The 2018 Canada Summer Jobs application currently requires employers to declare that, "both the job and the organization's core mandate respect individual human rights in Canadathese include reproductive rights."

'This application, as it stands right now, is not right.' - Scott Simms

Simms saidhe has spoken and worked with many church-based groups who do "good work" in the community on issues unrelated to abortion.


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