Ecuadoreans back limits on presidential re-election in blow to Correa

From Reuters - February 4, 2018

QUITO (Reuters) - Ecuadoreans on Sunday voted to prevent presidents from holding more than two terms in office, according to the elections council, a win for President Lenin Moreno that blocks his mentor-turned-adversary Rafael Correa from returning to power.

The results from the referendum, called by Moreno, roll back a measure Correa pushed through Congress in 2015 to allow unlimited presidential re-election.

The victory of the yes vote opens the path for us to work together, confrontation is a thing of the past, Moreno said in a televised broadcast, an apparent reference to Correas famously combative style. The old politicians will not return.

Moreno may now be emboldened to remove Correa allies from key government posts, and financial markets will likely see the result as confirming a more politically and fiscally conservative future for the South American oil exporting country.

The elections council said some 64 percent of voters had supported changing the re-election rules, while 36 percent of voters were opposed.

It cited a quick count, which uses the results of a representative sample of polling stations to estimate the winner. The full results are expected for Monday.

The referendum is legally binding and implies a direct change to the constitution.


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