Colleagues work 3,300 extra hours for dad with cancer son

From BBC - February 7, 2018

Employees of a German company donated almost 3,300 hours in overtime so a colleague could look after his son with leukaemia, local media report.

Single dad Andreas Graff has taken almost a year off being an assembly worker at a design company in Hesse.

After four-year-old son Julius's cancer diagnosis, more than 700 colleagues responded to a manager's appeal.

"Without this great support, I would be unemployed," Mr Graff told local paper, Oberhessische Presse.

When Mr Graff learned in January 2017 that Julius had leukaemia, a cancer of the blood cells, he immediately took all his holiday leave.

Mr Graff did not know how to prepare for a future of long hours in hospital. The first nine weeks of Julius' treatment required the then three-year-old to be confined to a bed.

Mr Graff, 36, feared losing his job once he had exhausted his unpaid leave.

But an HR manager stepped in.

With the support of senior management and the workers union, Pia Meier called on employees of Seidel and its subsidiary Carus in Fronhausen in central Germany to contribute to an overtime fundraiser.


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