Venezuela kidnap: Baseball star Elías Díaz's mother freed

Venezuela kidnap: Baseball star Elías Díaz's mother freed
From BBC - February 12, 2018

Police in Venezuela have freed the 72-year-old mother of Elas Daz, a catcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates in US Major League Baseball.

Ana Soto was kidnapped on Thursday in her hometown of Maracaibo, in western Venezuela, by a group of men who bundled her into a van.

Special forces tracked her down to the home of a police officer, where she was being held, not far from the city.

Sports stars are popular targets for kidnappers due to their large salaries.

Six people, five of them officers in the Zulia state police force, have been arrested in connection with Ms Soto's abduction.

Officials said one of the officers arrested was a neighbour who "provided all the information needed" to carry out the kidnapping.

Rescued safe and sound

Ms Soto was taken for a medical check-up at a nearby hospital and is reportedly in good health.

The head of Venezuela's investigative police force (CICPC), Douglas Rico, tweeted a picture of Ms Soto being given something to eat and drink after her successful rescue.


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