Trump administration revives support for new FBI headquarters

From Reuters - February 12, 2018

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trumps administration on Monday revived its support for construction of a new FBI headquarters, saying it planned to ask Congress in 2018 for the remaining $2.175 billionneeded to help pay for it.

The funding request, tucked inside the presidents larger $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan, would help cover the cost to tear down and rebuild the Federal Bureau of Investigations aging 1970s-era headquarters building in downtown Washington, which has nets rigged to catch falling stones.

The move marks a reversal from July, when the administration canceled a years-long search to find a new home for the crime-fighting agency.

The FBI had previously searched for possible new spots in either Maryland or Virginia, and local leaders had battled it out to try to get the bureau.

The total estimated cost for a new FBI headquarters is $3.3 billion, Assistant Attorney General Lee Lofthus told reporters in a briefing on Monday at the Justice Department.

The FBI has already set aside $1.125 billion toward the construction project.

The idea is to build a modern and secure headquarters building across the street on the side of the (J. Edgar) Hoover building, Lofthus said.

This is an important part of the presidents infrastructure program.


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