15-year prison term upheld for Mountie who tortured son in Ottawa basement

15-year prison term upheld for Mountie who tortured son in Ottawa basement
From CTV - February 13, 2018

WARNING: This story contains graphic details.

TORONTO -- A disgraced RCMP officer convicted of torturing of his captive 11-year-old son at their home in suburban Ottawa fully deserved his 15-year prison sentence, Ontario's top court ruled on Tuesday.

In its decision, the Court of Appeal found no legal errors in the judge's approach to punishing the now former officer, who can only be identified as D.D., for the "horrendous abuse" inflicted on his boy, some of which was videotaped.

D.D., who was an RCMP counter-terrorism official, was convicted in 2016 of a litany of offences, including aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, sexual assault causing bodily harm and unlawful confinement.

The case, which reduced investigators to tears, came to light in 2013, when the starving boy escaped the family home. His injuries included burns to his genitals from a barbecue lighter, and scars around his ankles left by shackles.

D.D., a self-admitted "monster," testified in his own defence he believed he was "living with the devil" and said he was afraid his son was planning to stab him in the heart in his sleep.

The Crown wanted a 23-year prison term, but Superior Court Justice Robert Maranger sentenced the then-45-year-old in April last year to a total of 15 years, saying what was inflicted on the victim was outrageous.

D.D. appealed, asking the higher court to cut his total confinement to as little as five years. Among his three appeal grounds, he argued Maranger was wrong to view the appropriate range of sentence -- based on other child-abuse cases -- as between 12 and 20 years.


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