Jersey to consider paying students' tuition fees

From BBC - February 19, 2018

The "significant" rise in UK university costs is one of the reasons a British island is looking to increase its funding to students.

It comes as the prime minister has called for better value for students paying tuition fees in England.

Jersey's government said most of its students chose to study in "the most expensive place in Europe", the UK.

The island's chief minister said he did not want potential students to "worry about financing" university.

The plans - due to be debated in April - apply to first undergraduate degrees in Jersey, the UK, or with the Open University and for "recognised qualifications" at universities outside the UK.

Theresa May said scrapping fees altogether would push up taxes and mean returning to a limit on university places.

Labour has said it would abolish fees and bring back maintenance grants.

Jersey's government concluded more financial help would, in particular, reduce the burden on "lower to middle-income families."

It estimated the scheme would cost the island an extra 2.5m per year, and it is expected to cover 1,550 students in 2018.

What is Jersey's government proposing?

'Debt burden'


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