Patrick Brown slams integrity complaint as 'entirely fictional'

Patrick Brown slams integrity complaint as 'entirely fictional'
From CBC - February 22, 2018

Former Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown is lashing out at claims he breached the legislature's ethics rules, calling the complaint against him "imaginary" and "make-believe."

Brown rejected allegations that he received income and lavish gifts and conducted business deals without disclosing them to Ontario's integrity commissioner as required by provincial law covering MPPs.

Brown posted a two-page letter to Twitter on Thursday, laying out his response to a complaint filed this week by fellow Progressive Conservative MPP Randy Hillier.

My response to the Integrity Commissioner in regards to Randy Hilliers smear. #onpoli


Brown's statement called the allegations "either entirely fictional, constituting defamatory baseless allegationsor statements of fact that are both true and perfectly acceptable."

Hillier lodged his complaint on Tuesday. He questioned how Brown could afford the mortgage on his $2.3 million house and alleged Brown violated the rules for MPPsby failing to declareall his sources of income.

Brown's response is that he spent approximately $90,000 of his annual $120,000 after-tax income on the mortgage and lived off the rest.

Hillier also questioned how Brownpaid for several trips overseas, including travel with his girlfriend, a Queen's Park intern at the time. Hillier suggested some business people may have covered the costs of the trips. If Brown, his office or the PC Party did not payfor the travel, failing to disclosethe sponsor would breach the integrity rules.

Brown's statement saidit's "simply false" that he accepted a gift of travel. He calledthe travel "cultural outreach missionspaid for by the PC Party, approved by the PC Ontario Fund."

Hillier's complaint also referred to a report in the Globe and Mail alleging that PC candidateJass Johalsigned a legal document agreeing to pay Brown $375,000 to buya stake in a Barrie restaurantcalled Hooligan's and to buy two million of his Aeroplan miles.

"I decided not to proceed with the transaction, as I was simply not ready to give up my shares in the restaurant," saidBrown in his response. "The transaction never happened."



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