Rogue Indian political elements may be trying to make Canada look weak on Sikh extremism: source

Rogue Indian political elements may be trying to make Canada look weak on Sikh extremism: source
From CBC - February 22, 2018

A senior government official with knowledge of the prime minister's security protocols is suggesting rogue political elements in India may have orchestrated the embarrassing invitation of a would-be political assassin to a formal dinner with Justin Trudeau in an attempt to make the Canadian government appear sympathetic to Sikh extremism.

The official said questions should be asked of the Indian government about how Jaspal Atwal, convicted in the attempted murder of a Indian cabinet minister visiting Canada in 1986, was taken off a blacklist of people banned by India from entering the countryand then suddenly surfacedduring Trudeau's visit there this week.

Atwal received his invitation through B.C. Liberal MP Randeep Sarai, who put the former member of a banned extremist group on the guest list for a for a dinner at the Canadian High Commission in India.

The source said the expectation is that MPs who put names on the guest list should be able to vouch for that guestand in this case, Sarai realizes that he should not have added Atwal's name and has taken responsibility for his actions.

Sarai issued a statement Thursday echoing that sentiment and apologizing for distracting attention away from Trudeau's official visit.

"Let me be clear this person should never have been invited in the first place," the statement said. "I alone facilitated his request to attend this important event. I should have exercised better judgment, and I take full responsibility for my actions."

Atwalwas also pictured an an earlier event in Mumbai posing with Sophie Trudeau and LiberalMPs,including Minister of Infrastructure and CommunitiesAmarjeetSohi.

Atwal'stravel permissions

An official spokesperson for the Indian government had no explanation for how Atwalmanaged to get his name removed from the list of people banned from travelling to the country, or any information to offer on the documents he used to get into India.

"It is something which I cannot say immediately how that happened," saidShri Raveesh Kumar."There are different ways of people coming into India. Whether you are an Indian national, whether you hold OCI card, so we are ascertaining details from our mission.

"We will have to see how this happened and then I can perhaps at a later stage share details on this matter."

Trudeau responds


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