Italy's League boss says markets should not fear centre-right government

Italy's League boss says markets should not fear centre-right government
From CBC - March 5, 2018

The head of the anti-migrant, euroskeptic League, which emerged from Italy's elections as the largest party in the centre right, said Monday the grouping would be able to govern and markets have no reason to fear.

"We have right and duty to govern," Matteo Salvini told anews conferencea day after parliamentary elections.

Salvinialso repeated his stance that the euroisbad for Italy, saying "it's a wrong currency and a wrong choice."

"Theeurowas, is and remains a mistake," he said, adding, however, that holding a referendum over Italy's continuedparticipation in the single currency was "unthinkable."

He said his party, which won nearly 18 per cent of the voteup from fourper cent five years ago would be willing to talk to all parties, but indicated it wouldnot take part in a "minestrone" soup coalition, apparentlyreferring to a broad coalition government.

The four-party, centre-right grouping looks set to win about37 per cent of the vote. The League has overtaken former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italy party asthe largest in the coalition. ForzaItaliawon nearly 14 per cent of the vote.

While both League and the populist 5-Star Movement made gainsin Sunday's parliamentary election, no single group got enough support to govern alone.

"It could take weeks to figure out a government because nobody has enough votes for a majority," said CBC's Megan Williams, reporting from Rome.

"This is typically an Italian situation," Williams said. "We have seen this before. What could happen is the current government could stay in power, and if they are not able to form a government, we could see elections sooner than people want."

Populist parties have been on the rise across Europe since the 2008 financial crisis. Italy's mainstream parties have found it especially hard to contain voter anger, with the economy still sixper cent smaller than a decade ago and unemployment stuck at about 11 per cent.

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