Jeremy Corbyn: Labour 'a government in waiting'

From BBC - March 8, 2018

Jeremy Corbyn is to promote Labour as a "government in waiting" as he opens the Scottish Labour conference in Dundee.

The three-day gathering will also feature speeches from Scottish party leader Richard Leonard and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.

Policy debates are scheduled on a range of topics including tax, education, healthcare and Brexit.

Scotland's other political parties have conferences scheduled around the country over the coming months.

The Scottish Labour conference at Caird Hall is the party's first under the leadership of Mr Leonard, who will speak on Saturday.

In his speech, Mr Corbyn will say people had "written the Labour Party off" before they made six gains north of the border in the 2017 general election.

He will say: "In Scotland we were told that Labour was dying. The truth is that we very much are alive and kicking. Labour in Scotland is back.

"Led by Richard Leonard - who has already proven to be an excellent leader of Scottish Labour - we are making Labour's voice heard for a radically fairer society.

"We won six seats for Scottish Labour at the last general election, and we are on the cusp of winning in around 20 more.

"Of course I know that we did not quite win. But we are no longer just an opposition. We are a party preparing to go into government."

Policy debates


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