Trudeau stops in Hamilton on steel and aluminum solidarity tour

Trudeau stops in Hamilton on steel and aluminum solidarity tour
From CBC - March 13, 2018

After a nail-biterfew weeks for the steel industry, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in Hamilton today to visit the city's two biggest steel producers and show solidarity with workers in an industry threatened by possible American tariffs.

Though U.S. President Donald Trump exempted Canada from the 25-per-cent tariff plan last week, he left the door open for penalties if ongoing negotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement do not satisfy him.

That leaves some vulnerability for Hamilton's steel sector, comprising the big companies like Stelco and ArcelorMittal Dofasco, as well as many smaller companies and the supply chain. As many as 40,000 local jobs could be affected if the tariffs were to apply to Hamilton steel.

The steel industry wasresponsible for nearly seven million tonnesof cargo, including raw materials, in and out of Hamilton's port last yearthe largest category of cargo by far.

Trudeau is scheduled to visit Stelcothis morning, hold a roundtable with steelworkers and visit ArcelorMittal Dofasco this afternoon.

Trudeau told CHCH this morning that the tour is to show support to Canadian steelworkers andto listen to their anxieties.

"Mostly, it's about reassuring the workers that we have their backs," he said."These tariffs are certainly not their fault."

He declined to name specific ways the government will support those workers, should tariffs be imposed.

'We had your backs last week and we always will'


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