U.S. general signals support for Iran nuclear deal

From Reuters - March 13, 2018

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A top U.S. general on Tuesday signaled support for the Iran nuclear deal, saying the agreement, which President Donald Trump has threatened to withdraw from, has played an important role in limiting Irans nuclear program.

The JCPOA addresses one of the principle threats that we deal with from Iran, so if the JCPOA goes away then we will have to have another way to deal with their nuclear weapons program,said U.S. Army General Joseph Votel, head of the U.S. militarys Central Command. He was speaking during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, using an acronym for Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the formal name of the accord with Iran agreed in July 2015 in Vienna.

Trump has threatened to withdraw the United States from the accord between Tehran and six world powers unless Congress and European allies helpfix it with a follow-up pact. Trump does not like the deals limited duration, among other things.

When asked by a lawmaker whether he agreed with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunfords position on the deal, Votel said:Yes, I share their position.


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