El Salvador woman freed after 15 years in jail for abortion

From BBC - March 13, 2018

A 34-year-old woman in El Salvador has been freed after spending 15 years in jail for having an abortion.

Maira Vernica Figueroa Marroqun was released after her 30-year sentence for aggravated murder was reduced.

Abortion is banned in El Salvador, a predominantly Roman Catholic nation, in any circumstances.

Ms Figueroa always maintained her innocence. She said she suffered a stillbirth in a house where she was working as a maid in 2003.

She was taken to hospital, arrested and eventually sentenced for inducing an abortion.

Her parents, as well as journalists and activists, were outside the prison in Ilopango, near the capital San Salvador, to welcome her.

"I am happy to be with my family," she said.

"I want to study law to understand what happened to me and help other women," she added.

"I am going to start again and make up for lost time."

Complete ban on abortions


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