Trudeau says Canada will not be 'bowled over' by U.S. in NAFTA talks

Trudeau says Canada will not be 'bowled over' by U.S. in NAFTA talks
From CBC - March 14, 2018

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today Canada will not be "bowledover"by the United States at the NAFTA negotiating table, offering new insights into the ongoing trade talks.

Justin Trudeau made the comment to a steel worker in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, as he greeted employees arriving at the local factory's morning shift.

Workers asked Trudeau a series of candid questions about Canada-U.S. relations, the threat of American tariffs on steel and aluminum,and NAFTA.

"(The United States has) now decided they want to get it done quicker, which is good," Trudeau told Matt Frolick, one of the workers who had a question about the trade talks.

"The challenge they face is that we are there at the table, we are contributing, but we are not just going to be bowled over by them," Trudeau added.

"We are pushing backa little bit on some of the things we think might not be the right ... suggestions, which is is what people would expect.

"We are standing up for ourselves."

Trudeau also wondered aloud how prepared the Americans were for the negotiationprocess.

"The U.S. had not always thought through exactly what they wanted. We knew what we wanted, so we laid it out, and we are working with them in a meaningful way," he said.

As CBC News previously reported, questions have been asked about the American side's negotiating strategyafter it was slow to present its specific demands on key issues, like labour standards.

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