Brexit: Brussels picks up the pace as paperwork mounts

From BBC - March 14, 2018

The tempo is picking up around the Brexit negotiations ahead of next week's summit of EU leaders.

"9 days left. Stay tuned," tweeted Germany's Brexit co-ordinator.

Much of the work is the painstaking rewriting of documents.

Officials from the remaining 27 countries have been locked in epically-long meetings, revising the first draft of the Brexit treaty published by the European Commission on 28 February.

A lot of the activity has focused on the section dealing with the transition period, which the government calls the "implementation phase".

'Good faith clause'

Diplomats have added a "good faith" clause at the request of the UK. It will commit both sides to respecting each others' interests during the period.

The EU will also make a pledge that the UK should be treated as fairly as a member state during that time.

There are some technical tweaks to the section on the European Investment Bank, more specifics about how the UK will be consulted over foreign policy decisions and clarification of how London will be involved in the allocation of fishing quotas.

Although it is not clear that Britain will get the consultation mechanism for new rules and regulations generated in Brussels during the transition period that it wants.

The EU27 have been unimpressed by the UK's proposal that EU nationals coming to Britain after Brexit Day will receive fewer rights than EU nationals who arrived beforehand.

Future relationship


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