Grenfell Tower doors 'resisted fire for half the time expected'

Grenfell Tower doors 'resisted fire for half the time expected'
From BBC - March 15, 2018

Doors for flats in Grenfell Tower could only hold back a fire for half the time they were designed to, a police investigation has found.

Experts said a door was supposed to resist fire for 30 minutes, but only lasted 15 minutes in tests.

The test was part of a Met Police probe into the fire in west London which killed 71 people last June.

Housing Secretary Sajid Javid said the risk to public safety in buildings with the same doors remains low.

He said he nevertheless understood people might find the results "troubling" and that further tests will be carried out on the doors.

Natasha Elcock, a survivor from the tower and a representative of the bereaved and survivors' group Grenfell United, said it is "time people lives are taken more seriously and that includes everyone from every walk of life".

She added: "It's shocking - first the cladding and insulation, then the doors. Who knows what else is putting people's lives at risk?

"The government should have improved regulations after previous fires. We ca not listen to any more excuses.

"Nothing can bring our loved ones back but we must make sure a fire like this never happens again."

Manse Masterdor is believed to have been the manufacturer of Grenfell Tower's fire doors, which were installed between 2011 and 2012.


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