Pope Francis: Vatican doctors letter from former Pope Benedict

From BBC - March 15, 2018

The Vatican has admitted blurring part of a letter written by retired Pope Benedict XVI about his successor Pope Francis in a picture sent to the media.

The ex-pontiff writes in defence of Francis, saying critics are wrong to suggest he lacks theological clout.

In the visible text, Benedict praises a new series of books titled "The Theology of Pope Francis".

But in the blurred part, he makes clear he has not read the volumes, which were written by high-profile theologians.

The decision to alter the image has drawn criticism.

Professional standards of photojournalism forbid adding or removing anything from photographs, especially manipulations that alter their meaning. Media outlets covering the Pope often rely on handout images from the Vatican.

The former Pope's letter was sent to the Vatican Secretariat for Communication, which had asked him to contribute some "dense theology" to be read at a presentation for the book series.

In his reply, Benedict said he was pleased the 11 volumes were being published, writing: "It contradicts the foolish prejudice of those who see Pope Francis as someone who lacks a particular theological and philosophical formation, while I would have been considered solely a theorist of theology with little understanding of the concrete lives of today's Christians."


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