Kinder Morgan pipeline protests a legacy of dismissing environmental worries: Trudeau

Kinder Morgan pipeline protests a legacy of dismissing environmental worries: Trudeau
From Global News - April 6, 2018

Very public criticism has been following Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his tour of Alberta and B.C., for both his environmental and oil industry positions, and he says much of that is coming as a legacy of the approach the former government took in how it pushed for pipelines.

Speaking in Fort McMurray on Friday, Trudeau noted that his government has tried to walk the fine line between being environmentally and industrially responsible, saying he is aware that unanimity is not always possible but that there is at least consensus that the environment needs protection and the economy needs to grow.

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However, the lingering opposition to projects like Kinder Morgans Trans Mountain expansion,he said, is a result of the way the former Conservative government ignored the concerns of environmentalists.

I think its important to remember that we are exiting a time in which, for 10 years, the government did everything it could to talk up the defence of Albertas interest but because they were not bringing the public along on protecting the environment, were unable to get much done concretely in protecting Alberta, Trudeau said.

Their lack of any sort of responsibility on the environment didnt just hurt the environment, it hurt the economy.

His comments came just 24 hoursafter protesters called for him to revoke the federal governments approval of the controversial Trans Mountain expansion.

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside a Liberal party fundraising dinner in Vancouver on Thursday night, banging pots and chanting, Kinder Morgan has got to go.

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The protesters are opposed to the expansion of Kinder Morgan Canadas Trans Mountain pipeline, which was approved by the federal government in 2016 and is set to triple the amount of oil flowing to Burnaby, B.C., from Alberta.

Demonstrator Emma Pullman says the crowd wanted to show Trudeau that there is a lot of opposition to the project, and the Liberals stand to lose seats in B.C. if the pipeline is built.


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