Amber Rudd: I don't agree young people have nowhere to go

From BBC - April 9, 2018

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has rejected claims that young people are drawn into violent crime because they do not have anywhere to go.

In an interview with Newsbeat, she said the government was committed to investing money into youth services to divert people away from knives.

"We are actually putting in more money and more targeted money to the areas where it's really needed," she added.

But Ms Rudd said there was no "one silver bullet" to answer the problem.

Newsbeat's politics reporter Jim Connolly sat down with Ms Rudd at a youth centre in London which works with young people involved in disputes that could turn to violence.

The Home Office has said it will spend 40m on a new strategy to tackle serious violence.

Jim quizzed her on cuts to policing, investment in youth services and what the government was doing to tackle the rise in violent crime.

Jim: We need to get into the fact you said cuts in police numbers have no impact on violent crime but your own department says otherwise.

Ms Rudd: Policing is under increase pressure because we have seen them receiving reports of additional crime so about half the recorded increase in violent crime is because there's more reporting and we want more reporting.

Jim: One young man we spoke to said austerity across the board means young people have nowhere to go and they are not protected because there are not the police numbers on the streets.

Ms Rudd: In 2008, we had more police on the streets than we had now and knife crime was higher and serious violence crime was higher - the direct correlation is missing there.

In terms of young people I am talking to people who are engaged in working with young people and it's absolutely about making sure these organisations are supported so that young people do have somewhere to go.


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