Dilma Rousseff seeks 'international solidarity' for jailed Lula

Dilma Rousseff seeks 'international solidarity' for jailed Lula
From Al Jazeera - April 10, 2018

Ex-Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has kicked off an international tour in support ofher predecessor and political member Luiz Inacio "Lula" da Silva, who recently began serving a 12-year prison sentence for corruption.

Addressing a conference in Spain's capital, Madrid, Rousseff on Tuesday called for "international solidarity" and denounced what she described asa politically-motivated decision to jail the leftist politician by the country's right-wing ahead of presidential elections.

"Democracy in Brazil is at risk" because of a "parliamentary coup", she said at Casa de America, a consortium created by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to strengthen ties between Spain and the Americas.

Rousseff also said that the Workers Party (PT) in Brazil will continue to fight all of the judicial processes so Lula could remain its candidate in October's elections, according tolocal reports.

"We do not have a Plan B. We maintain Lula's candidacy," saidRousseff, who was stripped of the presidency in 2016 over allegations of violating fiscal laws.

Her supporters repeatedly refer to her impeachment by the Senate as a "coup".

Podemos meeting

Lula on Saturday beganserving a 12-year prison sentence for passive corruption and money laundering.

The 72-year-old maintains his innocence, stating the conviction against him is apolitical witch-hunt to bar him from participating in the presidential race.

Polls suggest that if allowed to run, Lula would win.

Corruption in Brazil


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