Trudeau, Macron a meeting of like minds, former ambassador says

Trudeau, Macron a meeting of like minds, former ambassador says
From CBC - April 16, 2018

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's visit to Paris is a serious visit with a "steadfast ally," the former Canadian ambassador to France Lawrence Cannon says.

Much of the prime minister's two-day visit to France is expected tofocus on trade as Canada looks to ease its reliance on the U.S. market.

Cannon says he does not expect to see Trudeau repeat the errors that marred his recent trip to India.

"We wo not see the prime minister with a beret and a baguette under his arm," Cannon told Radio-Canada in an interview.

Cannon, Stephen Harper's former foreign affairs minister, served as Canada's top diplomat in Paris for five years until last fall.

Trudeau arrived in Paris early Monday morning after a seven-hour pitstop in Ottawa to deal with the Trans Mountain pipeline crisis.

This is Trudeau's first official visit to France and he will sit down with PresidentEmmanuel Macron.

"Prime Minister Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron get along very well," Cannon told CBC News. "Both of them are young politicians. They basically view the world particularly through the same kind of glasses."

Trudeau supported France ordering military intervention in Syrian alongside the United States and Britain. It was Macron's first big military action since taking office a year ago.

Recent events in Syria are expected to come up in discussions between the two leaders, but Cannon does not think Macron will ask for any assistance.

Trade as economic tool


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