Ex-Auschwitz SS guard charged in Germany

From BBC - April 16, 2018

German prosecutors have charged a 94-year-old former SS guard with aiding and abetting mass murder at the Nazis' Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp.

The case against the German man - not yet named - has gone to a court in Mannheim, western Germany.

He was 19 when, in December 1942-January 1943, he assisted in the murder of some 13,335 people, it is alleged.

He has denied knowing that mass murder was going on. Last month, a convicted Auschwitz guard died in hospital.

Nearly one million Jews were murdered at the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp complex. Tens of thousands of others also died, mainly Poles.

A landmark 2011 court ruling, against John Demjanjuk, enabled German prosecutors to charge a few surviving Nazi SS guards as accessories to mass murder.

Previously, German courts had only prosecuted Nazi war criminals proven to have participated directly in atrocities.

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If the new case in Mannheim goes to court, the suspect will be treated as a juvenile, because he was 19 when he worked as an Auschwitz guard.


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