Gay vultures' chick from Amsterdam Royal Zoo released

Gay vultures' chick from Amsterdam Royal Zoo released
From BBC - April 16, 2018

A vulture raised by gay parents has been released into the wild as part of a conservation programme.

Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo set two birds free in Sardinia, a year after they were born in the Dutch capital.

One of the chicks was raised by two male vultures in a long-term relationship.

The griffon vultures have been living in an aviary in Sardinia to acclimatise to their new surroundings ahead of their release.

This pair are the latest of 12 griffon vultures to be released in Sardinia, as part of a conservation project called Life Under Griffon Wings.

The two birds hatched in Amsterdam in April and May 2017. One of them was raised from an egg by a male vulture couple.

Zoo keeper Job van Tol last year described the pair as "a very tight couple".

"We have had them for some years. They always build a nest together, bond and mate together," he told the BBC.

When staff found an abandoned egg which the other vultures would not care for, they decided to give it to the male vultures.


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