Quebec City mosque shooter obsessed with mass murderers since adolescence

Quebec City mosque shooter obsessed with mass murderers since adolescence
From CBC - April 16, 2018

Alexandre Bissonnette's obsession with mass murderers started when he was an adolescent, and he had wanted tocarry out a mass killing ever since, a Quebec City court heardon Monday.

A reportwritten by social worker Guylaine Cayouetteset off cries of horror inside the courtroom when it was presented as evidenceon Mondayby the Crownatsentencing arguments for the 28-year-old.

Bissonnettepleaded guilty in March to six counts of first degree murder, as well as six counts of attempted murder for the Jan. 29, 2017 shooting.

Quebec Superior Court JusticeFranoisHuotmust decide whetherBissonnettewill be eligible for parole after 25 years, or not at all.Huothas the possibility of adding up theparole eligibility sentences, which could mean 150 years behind bars.

Cayouette, Bissonnette'sliaison officer, filed the report after a meeting with himonSept. 20, 2017. That day, she wrote, Bissonnette carried himself differently from the man she had met, almost weekly, since his arrest.

Bissonnette told her he was tired of playing a game, and that he remembered everything about the attack.

In contrast to his muddled responsesto policeimmediately after the shooting, Bissonnettedescribed in detail what happened when he approached the mosque in the Quebec City suburb of Sainte-Foy.

He said when he entered the prayer room, an old man grabbed his arm, presumably Azzeddine Soufiane, who tried to disarm Bissonnette that night.

"I shot him. I regret not shooting more people," he told Cayouette.

Inside the courtroom, families of the victims cried out as the report was read aloud. They also heard that Bissonnette said he could have killed anyone, not just Muslims.

When court adjourned for break, Bissonnette stood up looking directly at the audience, with what looked like a huge smile.

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