Fresh kidnapping by dissident rebel group rocks Ecuador

From BBC - April 17, 2018

Ecuador's Interior Minister Csar Navas says the government has been sent a video showing a couple who have been kidnapped by members of a dissident Colombian rebel group.

The video comes just days after the government received confirmation that two kidnapped journalists and their driver were killed by the same group.

In the recording, the couple ask President Lenn Moreno for help.

Neither the nationality nor the names of the couple are known.

Growing outrage

The man and the woman, who have ropes around their necks and whose hands are tied, can be seen pleading with President Moreno to help them so that they do not suffer the same fate as the journalists.

Interior Minister Navas showed the video at a news conference on Tuesday morning. Mr Navas said officials had received the video "via a communication channel with Guacho" on Monday evening.

Guacho is the alias of Walter Artzala, a former member of Colombia's Farc rebel group who broke away from the guerrilla movement after it signed a peace deal with the Colombian government in 2016.


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