Notley's Bill 12 'shows bold leadership,' say Alberta oil and gas producers

Notley's Bill 12 'shows bold leadership,' say Alberta oil and gas producers
From CBC - April 17, 2018

Alberta's oil and gas producers are calling Bill 12 a regrettable but necessary step in the battle over the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

Bill 12, titled Preserving Canada's Economic Prosperity Act, gives the Alberta government the ability to retaliate against B.C. over any delays to the expansion by driving up gas prices or restricting shipments of other energy products.

While industry officials support the move,they hope the legislation revealed by Alberta Premier RachelNotleyandEnergy MinisterMargMcCuaig-Boydon Mondaydoes not need to be put to work.

MarkSholzof the Canadian Association ofOilwellDrilling Contractors welcomes the proposed legislation.

"I think it's very prudent and shows bold leadership on the part of the premier, and it's certainly something we are supporting as a direction or a strategy."

Sholz said it's too bad it hascome to this point, but everything possible needs to be done to ensure the pipeline expansion is built.

"We need to ensure this pipeline gets built,and I think additional pressure to the government of British Columbia is important and it's a very meaningful signal, an impactful signal from the Alberta government," he said.

"It's unfortunate that consumers are the ones that are going to have to pay for the irresponsible decisions and the foot dragging of the B.C. government."

Tim McMillan, president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, said Alberta's hand was forced and producers are on board with Bill 12. But henoted thatif the legislation is enacted, it would notjust hurt B.C.

"Any disruption would have further effects on our industry, and I think it comes down to short-term challenges for long-term gain. Our preference is that we do not have barriers getting our product to market, short or long term," he said.

'Regrettable it's come to this'


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