Veteran receives new scooter after his was stolen

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From CTV - November 11, 2015

A Korean War veteran has received a new scooter after his was stolen by someone he thought had befriended him.

Bert Wiebe, 83, said he was outside his local Abbotsford, B.C. legion last week when a man approached him and offered to fix his scooter's broken headlight.

Wiebe said the man, who identified himself as "Kevin," drove off with the scooter moments after he was handed the keys.

"I met him a few times," Wiebe told CTV Vancouver. "I thought he might be a friend. I did not think he would pull a stunt like that."

As news of the theft spread, officials with the Abbotsford Police Department said they were inundated with inquiries from strangers who wanted to help Wiebe.

"It's been pretty remarkable," Const. Paul Walker said. "We have had British Columbians from all over the Lower Mainland and as far up into the northern parts of our province calling the various news outlets, the APD (Abbotsford Police Department) and offering assistance in getting this gentleman a scooter."

On Tuesday, Wiebe accepted a scooter from a man whose uncle was also a Korean War veteran.

Chris Kehler said he had a scooter that wasnt being used and he was looking for someone to donate it to.

"We thought, there's no better time than this," he said.

Wiebe said he's grateful to be back behind the wheel of his scooter and he touched by the outpouring of support.

"Overwhelming," Wiebe said of the response. "Simply overwhelming."


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